UCIA offers a variety of  training programs all the way from online webinars to full-day 8 courses China-Ready Coach programs and 1:1 VIP coach . Our three level training programs allow you to discover, learn, grow and focus on what’s important to your business. Get access to a complete network of high-level industry experts, disruptive startups, leading tech companies, venture capital firms, angel investors, accelerators, and incubators, as well as the top ranking universities in the United States and China.



Pitch & Presentation

Business Plan


Finance & Fundrasing


Training Programs



  • How to prepare a business plan
  • Executive Summary Template
  • Pitching and presentation skills
  • Business model innovation
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Leadership
  • IP Protection


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  • China-Ready Package
  • IP Protection in China
  • How to build the Local Team
  • How to Secure Financing in China
  • Doing business in China
  • Tax/Audit in China
  • Investment Feasibility
  • Successful Case sharing

1:1 VIP

05/17/2019 @houston

$ 199+
  • China-Ready Service
  • Marketing & Business Dev.
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • Pitch & Presentation
  • IT Services
  • Tax/Audit
  • Legal
  • Leadership

Training Companies

Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd., initiated by Tsinghua University in 2002, is the biggest professional company with years of experience in technology transfer and commercialization in China. We are entrusted by Tsinghua University, one of the top universities in China, to commercialize Tsinghua University’s scientific and technological achievements, to carry out technology commercialization and technology management of International Technology Transfer Center (ITTC) of Tsinghua University.In order to carry out the commercialized operation of ITTC, Tsinghua University initiated Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd. in June 2002. The vision of Coway is to serve as a professional technology transfer and technology commercialization service provider. With years of experience in the technology transfer, Coway’s services and capabilities have been recognized by universities, research institutes, local authorities, and enterprises from home and abroad. 

The Great Wall StrategyConsultants(GEI) is a professional strategy and management consulting organization. Founded in 1993, GEI is one of the oldest private consulting institutions in China. It provides comprehensive consulting services for customers, withthe structure of “strategic consultation” as its core and “management consulting and information consulting” as its two wings. GEI has a team of highly qualified consultants with different professional education backgrounds and industry experience. It has established a huge network of expert consultants, maintained good relationships with many domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, economists, management experts, government officials, and technical experts, and it has also built up anenormous industry database and consulting caselibrary.


Peking University Science Park is the first national university science park recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the
Ministry of Education.Peking University Science Park is based on Peking University and integrates its comprehensive intellectual resources with social resources. It is a support platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, business incubation, industry-university-research cooperation, and industrial agglomeration.After more than ten years of development and exploration, Peking University Science Park has become the transformation base for the scientific and technological achievements of Peking University, the incubation base for science and technology companies, the cultivation base for innovation and entrepreneurship talents, the demonstration base for industry-university research cooperation, and the development base for high-tech industrialization.