Information and Communication Technology

Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Changsha SPON Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with independent core intellectual property and innovative research and development ability, and an IoT solution provider with voice frequency being its core. The company has 160 R&D technicians, making up 38% of the total 430 employess. The company has a total asset of ¥226 million. In 2018, its gross output reached 250 million RMB, with a tax revenue of ¥28.05 million and ¥27 million for R&D investment.

Needs & Requirements

The company needs to be provided with a complete set of technical solutions containing the source code or objective code for the core algorithm, which are operational in its embedded (ARM) hardware device.

Hunan Jwinlink Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003 and registered with ¥10 million Hunan Jwinlink Network Technology Co., Ltd. serves as the general agent and marketing service center for Baidu (China’s largest search engine). It has 11 branches in Hunan, providing services to over 80 thousand companies. Among the 758 faculty in its headquarter, there are 126 technicians, accounting for 16.62%. The company aims to provide holistic internet tech products, solutions and services in terms of marketing, IT, human resources, finance and business so as to promote internet innovation development in Hunan. The company had over ¥1 billion revenue with growth rate of over 30% in 2018.

Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute (CiDi)

CiDi was founded in October 2017 by Prof. Zexiang Li, an entrepreneurship mentor from HKUST. Focused on smart driving innovation and application, CiDi has received the trial license of intelligent and connected vehicles driving. The company applies technology such as multisensory fusion, deep learning, self-decision, efficient computing, planning and control algorithms, V2V/V2X networks, and energy saving to the research of intelligent driving. Considering the industrial chain, the company also develops products like intelligent transportation, intelligent connectivity, automatic unloading, new energy and intelligent driving derivatives. CiDi boasts of more than 70 pieces of patent application, 6 pieces of software copyright. The company has over 220 employees including 16 people obtaining PhD degree and 85 people having master’s degree. The proportion of research personnel is over 80%.

Xi’an Qin Han Tang Yuan E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Qin Haoyuan E-Commerce Co., Ltd.’s focuses on online sales of building materials; computer software development and online sales; web page production; corporate information consulting services; coffee sales; advertising design, production, distribution.

Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform. It aims to provide intelligent manufacturing system solutions and equipment for different industrial application scenarios. The company has 240 employees with 80% of R&D personnel. The company is the vice president unit of China Robot Industry Alliance and the secretariat of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee. It has undertaken plenty of major projects such as national key R&D plan and national intelligent manufacturing project, winning the Robot invention and Creation “IAA Award”, which is the highest honor in the international robot industry. (the only award-winning domestic robot company).

Needs & Requirements

The company would like to cooperate with industrial IoT enterprises in embedded development, intelligent communication gateways and smart sensors.

Hunan Bohang UAV Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2011 and registered with ¥30 million, Hunan Bohang UAV Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D of UAV, manufacturing and application services. The company has more than 40 staff with R&D professionals taking up 70% of the total. Its main products include remote sensing and measuring, agriculture plant protection and logistics and others customized UAV services.

Needs & Requirements

The company focuses on promoting R&D project of the UAV flight control system, and hopes to cooperate with foreign companies with relevant technology and experience. Flight control system is installed to single and multiple main rotor UAVs, used in agricultural plant protection and remote sensing and measuring.