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The InnoSTARS Competition is a platform that connects U.S-based innovators and companies with Chinese investors, corporations, and strategic partners. China is a growing powerhouse of the world economy, with a huge consumer market of its own and a rapidly rising scientific and technological base. This thriving innovative and technological community has become one of the driving forces for China’s unprecedented advances in science and technology. There is a strong interest between companies and investors on either side of the Pacific to engage in business with each other and in turn bring innovative products and services to the market. InnoSTARS is here to help overcome these obstacles.

What We Offer


Provide an opportunity to present your business in front of the judging panel which includes a mix of Chinese executives based in the U.S. and U.S. executives with substantial business experience in China.


Provide b2b matchmaking advisory meeting services with our extensive network of partners, investors and talents in China, customized choice to fulfill your current needs and purposes.


Receive valuable training courses on China-ready experiences from mentors and advisors in this field and receive recommendations to expand your business and develop your innovation for the Chinese marketplace.


InnoSTARS develops a diverse popularity of entrepreneurs, consultants and institutions who share the common interest in entering the Chinese market and desire to be plugged into this community.

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2017 - 2019

U.S. companies applied for InnoSTARS
Companies got selected to attend the roadshows and matchmaking meetings in China
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were spent to sponsor InnoSTARS preliminary winners to explore Chinese market and get  trained in conducting international business



A grand total of 27 cities were visited by the InnoSTARS program this past year, including 9 cities in the US and 18 in China. Companies based in the Southern US made up more than half of the InnoSTARS companies, while the West and Northeast sent the second and third most companies, respectively. Companies that call the Midwest home made up less than ten percent of this year’s participants.

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