2019 InnoSTARS Seattle Recap

Seattle Preliminary Winners

First Place

Orions Systems is the leader in Human Centered AI, where humans and machines work together to create real-time actionable intelligence. Orions Smart Vision Platform enables public and private enterprises to collect and analyze the data in high value, video and image content.

Second Place

Athira Pharma is a drug development company striving to improve human health by advancing new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Our innovative approach is focused on turning brain degeneration into regeneration, achieved by re-establishing lost connections and restoring lost function.

Third Place

VeriClouds is a cybersecurity company providing identity protection services to enterprise and mid-size customers. The weakest link in cybersecurity is the human. VeriClouds credential verification services help organizations detect compromised credentials through the whole customer lifecycle and limit the risk of cybersecurity breaches based on compromised credentials.

The InnoSTARS Seattle preliminary competition was hosted at OnePiece Work on July 17, 2019. The event commenced with welcoming remarks and presentations from Stella Liu, chief executive officer of the US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) representing her organization as well as OCS-GZ, and Chen Zhou, a UCIA partner from OnePiece Work.

Seventeen companies were selected to make a five-minute pitch with a subsequent four-minute session of question and answer, judged by six industrial experts, investors, and chief executives of eight different industries.

Final winners of 2019 InnoSTARS Seattle preliminary stage are Orions Systems Inc., Athira Pharma, Inc., and VeriClouds. These three winners will be extended invitations to compete against top-scoring companies from cities across the United States during the semi-finals and finals trip to China in late October and early November 2019.The grand final will be hosted in Changsha later in November 2019.