2019 InnoSTARS Maryland Recap

Maryland Preliminary Winners

First Place

Novomer is a venture-backed company founded in 2004 to develop and commercialize technologies that use carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as feedstocks for the sustainable production of chemicals identical [equivalent] to known high volume commodity chemicals presently made from petroleum feedstock.

Second Place

We are developing a revolutionary technology leap in Artificial Intelligence, analytics, image recognition, and search, based on Explainable-AI. ZAC AI Platform enables fast, accurate, and reliable recognition and search, e.g., for people, objects, patterns, and actions, within images and videos. 

The InnoSTARS Maryland preliminary competition was hosted at Tasly Pharmaceuticals on July 11, 2019. The event began with rounds of remarks and presentations by representatives from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America, a representative from the Tasly Group, and Stella Liu, chief executive officer of the US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA).

Co-organized with Tasly Pharmaceuticals and with several other supporting partners, eight companies were selected to have five-minute pitches with four minutes of question and answer, judged by five industrial experts, investors, and chief executives of eight different industries.

Final winners of 2019 InnoSTARS Maryland preliminary stage are Novomer Inc. and Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC). These two winners will be extended invitations to compete against top-scoring companies from cities across the United States during the semi-finals and finals trip to China in late October early November 2019. The grand final will be hosted in Changsha later in November 2019.