2019 InnoSTARS Denver Recap

Denver Preliminary Winners

First Place

P4P Energy has developed a revolutionary solar PV mounting solution that dramatically reduces the costs of solar energy infrastructure. The unique, patented PV suspension solution is extraordinarily efficient, extremely versatile, and exceptionally safe. We were recently awarded $1 million by the DOE to optimize and productize our technology. We make conventional projects less expensive and, with our ability to span long distances efficiently, open the door to entirely new markets for solar.

Second Place

EverSleep brings sleep-lab technologies directly to the consumer, with the most advanced sensors and a patent-pending sleep analysis engine to coach you to better sleep. The sleep analysis brings measurement, aggregation, and correlation to over 15,000 individual pieces of data each night. Then EverSleep can deliver plain-English coaching to tell you exactly WHAT happened during your sleep, WHY it happens to people, and HOW to fix it!

Third Place

Quantant Technology Inc. delivers innovative solutions to ensure that every corner of the planet has the ability to view and share medical images. Whether it’s rural doctors in remote places looking for expertise from specialists in cities, or patients who can’t afford to risk interoperability problems when they are rushed across town after an accident, Quantant provides instant, secure, and complete image viewing and sharing.