Grow Faster By Going Global

If China is on your company’s expansion roadmap, InnoSTARS is here for you!

InnoSTARS is not just another pitch competition, it is a China-readiness competition + coaching + community. By participating in InnoSTARS, U.S. entrepreneurs can gain valuable China-ready coaching from mentors, advisors and connections with other kindred spirits in the InnoSTARS community, as well as access to high-caliber Chinese talent, partners and investors.


Showcase your business to high-caliber strategic partners, investors and industry executives


Get matched with the right partners and investors; enjoy online/onsite matchmaking meetings that lead to deeper collaboration.

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Gain valuable coaching from experienced mentors and advisors to expand your business  


Join InnoSTARS community to make connections with other kindred spirits and share experiences

2019 InnoSTARS Overview

United States

Mar - July
InnoSTARS Preliminaries in United States

Houston, Texas

May 16 - May 17
U.S.-China Innovation and Investment Summit


Sept - Nov
Industry Finals and Grand Final in China



Industry Finals and Grand Finale

Medical Device, Digital Health and diagnosis




Advanced Manufacturing Ⅰ


Advanced Manufacturing Ⅱ


Energy, New Materials and Environmental Technology


Information and Communication Technology


InnoSTARS roadshow in China proved to be an excellent crash course to introduce us to the Chinese entrepreneurship community and begin building relationships. We found the events to be immersive and the connections to be meaningful. We highly recommend startups considering the Chinese market to participate in this event.
Antina Lee
Co-founder, Perseus Mirrors
The trip to china for the InnoSTARS competition was very enjoyable and a real eye opener. Enjoyable because of the focus on innovation and being in the same space as other innovators, an eye opener because it really highlighted for us the scale and nature of the opportunity for doing business in China and for helping Chinese food businesses do business outside of China.
James Thomas Flynn
Founder and CTO, Harvest Water Cooper
Great opportunity to learn about the market and culture in China. Any early stage company interested in building business relationships, or doing business, in china should highly consider getting involved with InnoSTARS.
Andrew Dewey
Founder and CEO, Organiponic, Inc.
An epic journey into the heart of the largest market in the world, InnoSTARS is harnessing the human spirit of entrepreneurship to bridge innovation between the U.S and China. A must for any aspiring founder looking to go global.

Jeffrey Wilson
CEO and Co-founder, Kasita, Inc.
We received a diverse overview and small taste of what is possible in China. Of course, it has made us hungry for more!
Christine Lerios
VP Marketing, Restream Inc.
InnoSTARS was a great platform for a quick glance into the Chinese economy, we had the chance to talk with government officials as well as businessmen to get an idea of the scope of the industry and the velocity of its members, if you want to see what China is all about you should come with InnoSTARS.
Wang-tsu Liu
COO, Happinss
Amazing event and best opportunities for startups to get help from Chinese Market.
Omar Barlas
Founder, Orbii
The InnoSTARS Roadshow was a great introduction to the Chinese Life Science industry and the landscape of potential investors in China. I learned a lot about what Chinese investors want and how my product might best enter the Chinese market.

William Altman
CEO, CorInnova
InnoSTARS was a great program to help explore new business opportunities for our company in the Chinese market. We learned many things and got in contact with intermediaries and representatives that could help us launch research studies in China. Beyond the trip,we feel part of a lasting community that can help us grow and scale our company.
Jim Schwoebel
CEO, NeuroLex Laboratories Inc.
Great matchmaking sessions, very hands on staff from InnoSTARS.
Timothy Chen
Founder and CEO, Sereneti Kitchen
All the logistics were well organized. The choice of the hotel in Changzhou was great as well.
Loris Canizares
Strategic Planning Analyst, Principle Power


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